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Re: A really, really, really, really stupid idea. Really.

On Tue, Dec 18, 2007 at 07:36:35PM -0600, jrc scripsit:
> You can cold forge it.

If you have already got a steel hammer, and metal anvil.  (Don't think
anyone's demonstrated cold forging on rocks; lots of hot forging on

While Greg Paul's taking note about loss of velocity in air is correct,
it's also hard to get around the isotope data (it's a meteorite) and the
found embedded in bone (especially with the subsequent growth part).

I'd suggest that meteorites don't have to disintegrate all at once, and
that there's a possible breakup/velocity profile that has a number of
small air bursts over a fairly wide area, rather than one big bang.

It still seems beyond wildly unlikely that this would happen at all,
never mind that fossil remains would be found.

-- Graydon