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T rex book chapters

I received an offline email earlier today asking about the T rex book to
be published by Indiana U. Press (not light reading). To head off having
to give the same answer repeatedly, here is a list of the chapters and
summary of each (comes with a CD also):

1. One Hundred Years of Tyrannosaurus rex: The Skeletons Neal L. Larson
(lists the 34 T rex specimens, gives collecting information, where
housed, catalog numbers, list of material)

2. Wyoming's Dynamosaurus imperiosus and Other Early Discoveries of
Tyrannosaurus rex in the Rocky Mountain West Brent H. Breithaupt,
Elizabeth H. Southwell, and Neffra A. Matthews (summary of T rex from

3. How Old Is T. rex? Challenges with the Dating of Terrestrial Strata
Deposited during the Maastrichtian Stage of the Cretaceous Period Kirk
Johnson (age dates for strata containing T rex)

4. Preliminary Account of the Tyrannosaurid Pete from the Lance
Formation of Wyoming Kraig Derstler and John M. Myers (taphonomy of

5. Taphonomy of the Tyrannosaurus rex Peck's Rex from the Hell Creek
Formation of Montana Kraig Derstler and John M. Myers (taphonomy of
Pecks Rex)

6. Taphonomy and Environment of Deposition of a Juvenile Tyrannosaurid
Skeleton from the Hell Creek Formation (Latest Maastrichtian) of
Southeastern Montana Michael D. Henderson and William H. Harrison
(taphonomy of juv T rex Jane, aka "Nanotyrannus")

7. One Pretty Amazing T. rex Mary Higby Schweitzer, Jennifer L.
Wittmeyer, and John R. Horner (T rex soft tissue; color images on CD)

8. Variation and Sexual Dimorphism in Tyrannosaurus rex Peter L. Larson
(sex and variation)

9 Why Tyrannosaurus rex Had Puny Arms: An Integral Morphodynamic
Solution to a Simple Puzzle in Theropod Paleobiology Martin Lockley,
Reiji Kukihara, and Laura Mitchell (new explanation for small arms)

10. Looking Again at the Forelimb of Tyrannosaurus rex Christine Lipkin
and Kenneth Carpenter (expansion of Carpenter and Smith on forearm)

11. Rex, Sit: Digital Modeling of Tyrannosaurus rex at Rest Kent A.
Stevens, Peter L. Larson, Eric D. Wills, and Art Anderson (computer
modeling how T rex got up; movies on CD)

12. T. rex Speed Trap Phillip L. Manning (footprint and speed)

13. Atlas of the Skull Bones of Tyrannosaurus rex Peter L. Larson (all
skull bones of Stan in multiple views; images on CD)

14. Palatal Kinesis of Tyrannosaurus rex Hans C. E. Larsson (palate

15. Reconstruction of the Jaw Musculature of Tyrannosaurus rex Ralph E.
Molnar (jaw muscles)

16. Vestigialism in a Dinosaur William L. Abler (T rex tooth anatomy)

17. Tyrannosaurid Pathologies as Clues to Nature and Nurture in the
Cretaceous Bruce M. Rothschild and Ralph E. Molnar (pathologies)

18. The Extreme Lifestyles and Habits of the Gigantic Tyrannosaurid
Superpredators of the Late Cretaceous of North America and Asia Gregory
S. Paul (paleobiology of T rex)

19. An Analysis of Predator-Prey Behavior in a Head-to-Head Encounter
between Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops John Happ (pathological
evidence of attack on Triceratops)

20. A Critical Reappraisal of the Obligate Scavenging Hypothesis for
Tyrannosaurus rex and Other Tyrant Dinosaurs Thomas R. Holtz
Jr.(paleobiology and morphological evidence for T rex as active

21. Tyrannosaurus rex: A Century of Celebrity Donald F. Glut (T rex in
popular culture).


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