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Prehistoric schemes (was "Restless Planet" or to gild your Titanic deckchair)

--- Dino Guy Ralph <dinoguy@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> It is becoming clear that ancient organisms
> plotted our demise eons ago.
> They lived and they died in great numbers,
> content in the prediction that
> one day we humans would eagerly gobble up the
> oil their corpses would
> become...

Some of the ancient organisms worked their evil
schemes in other ways, also.

Fungi led by a group mind infested some of the
best fossil grounds at Shark Tooth Hill in the
San Joaguin Valley in the certain nowledge that
innocent human rockhounds would catch deadly
Valley Fever as they collected in the area.

Scheming Pliocene baboons cleverly developed a
society that led to our ancestors into becoming
politicians in order to compete with them.  When
bureaucracy - the ultimate expression of politics
- exterminates the human race, our crops will be
there for the baboons to eat.

Protozoans under the control of ruthless benthic
foraminifera provided an abundance of food so
that great amounts of garbage and sewage would be
cycled back to them as nutrients.  It only seems
that they've been overwhelmed in places we call
dead zones: the foraminifera regard these as an
immense reservoir for millions of generations.

Even a moment's thought will unearth other
schemes.  It ecomes obvious that we must devote
not less than 10% of our national budget to
developing a time machine for a war on paleo

Glen Ledingham