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RE: When New Met Papers

--- "Jerry D. Harris" <jharris@dixie.edu> schrieb:

> Already some with 2008 dates on them...!  First, I
> know I posted this one
> already, but without the abstract, so here's a more
> complete citation (yes,
> the typo in the title belongs there):
> Zheng, X., Zhang, Z., and Hou, L. 2007. A new
> enantiornitine bird with four
> long rectrices from the Early Cretaceous of northern
> Hebei, CHina. Acta
> Geologica Sinica (English Edition) 81(5):703-708.
> ABSTRACT: Paraprotopteryx gracilis, a new
> enantiornithine bird from the
> Early Cretaceous Yixian Formation in Fengning,
> northern Hebei Province is
> erected, based on the following characters: Y-shaped
> furcula with a long
> hypocleidum and a much narrow interclavicular angle,
> and the morphology of
> the sternum are different from other
> enantiornithines. Additionally, alular
> digit bearing the biggest manual claw extends
> distally to the distal end of
> the major metacarpal; the minor metacarpal is
> slender than the major
> metacarpal. Carpometacarpus only fused proximally;
> astragalus and calcaneum
> partially fused to one another but unfused to the
> tibia. This is the first
> record of Mesozoic birds in having four long
> rectrices, which may represent
> morphologically a secondary sexual character, an
> intermediate stage from
> elongated scale to branched feather, and possess
> functional advantage in
> supplementing the lifting surface to compensate the
> unskilled flight.

So, if anyone could provide a copy of this one...

Thanks in advance!


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