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Re: When New Met Papers

An intermade stage from scales to feathers? :o
I thought it was long time since evo-devo showed that feathers are
de novo structures not descendant from scales!

Well, they are not quite de novo, but feathers are not lengthened scales with fuzzy edges -- instead, the dorsal surface of a feather is homologous to the entire surface of a scale, and the ventral surface of a feather is homologous to the interior of a scale.

However, some people seem not to have read this paper and instead want to derive feathers from the lengthened scales seen in *Longisquama* (...I think "want" is the right word here). I note that one of the three authors is Hou Lianhai, who has coauthored with Alan Feduccia and Larry Martin and has also expressed his belief in BAND and Saur(i)urae in single-author publications. It also seems to me that primary literature published elsewhere is often difficult to get in China (and Russia).