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Fw: Evolution of tyrannosauroid bite power

I'm sorry; I should have written "tyrannosaurids" instead of
 "theropods". "Theropods" does cast the net a little wide ... my mistake.


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Don Ohmes wrote:

> Keeping it simple; given that all theropods were constructed of the
> materials, wouldn't relative arm size be expected to generally
 decrease as 
> overall size increased, irregardless of the implications of diet?

No, this doesn't happen.  It's horses for courses.  True, tyrannosaurs,
 abelisaurs and _Giganotosaurus_ exemplify this trend; but there are
 also some quite large theropods that have relatively long arms, such
 _Deinocheirus_ and some of the larger maniraptorans (e.g.,
  _Gigantoraptor_, large dromaeosaurs, large therizinosaurs).  


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