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footage of Tyrannosaurus biting into another animal anyone?

Mickey Rowe;893-2446 writes:
 > An Associate Producer at National Geographic is looking for
 > animation of a Tyrannosaurus attacking something, preferably a
 > Triceratops.  They specifically want to show the mouth as it's
 > biting into another animal.  I already suggested the "Walking with
 > Dinosaurs" episode "The Truth about Killer Dinosaurs".  She
 > mentions that it's owned by Discovery Channel and says that they
 > can't use it (I don't know whether or not that's a blanket
 > statement meaning they can't use anything from the Discovery
 > Channel).  She indicated that the WWD episode would be perfect if
 > they could use it.  She says they do have a budget for stock
 > footage but don't have time to commission something new.
 > Anybody have any other ideas?

The _Prehistoric Park_ DVDs have a fair bit of footage of tyrannosaurs
biting various things, including each other.  And, by the way, I
highly recommend them to anyone who isn't too oh-it's-not-scientific
to enjoy that kind of thing.

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