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Re: [...] Archaeopteryx 10

I happen to have Lambrecht's Handbuch around, and he
mixes up the dates and to make the lapsus "Siemensi".
It seems that the reference for Archaeornis is either
Dames 1884, or Petronievics 1923, or (possibly)
Petronievics & Woodward 1917.

The new paper says "*Archaeornis siemensii* Dames, 1897" in the 2nd sentence of the abstract.

FWIW, the genus definition of Archaeornis fide
Lambrecht 1933 is as follows (own translation, correct
as necessary):

To start with, it's a diagnosis, not a definition...

"Metacarpal III cylindrical.

Is it crushed in the London specimen?

Carpus 2-rowed.

I hope so! It's not a sauropod after all.

Scapula and coracoid unfused.

Also in the London specimen.

Claviculae probably separate.


Coracoid nrrow?

Wrong, but not figured out till 2004.

Spina iliaca and Processus lateralis
of the ilium merging into each other without border.

Sounds ontogenetic... I didn't bother checking, though.

Ischia straight.

I wouldn't say so.

Pubis proximally without ascending
process and without foramen,

Not present in the London specimen either.

distally thickened and broadened.

The pubic foot/boot persists all the way to *Sinornis*.

No pubic symphysis.


20 tail vertebrae."

Wrong. Counting them is easy, BTW.