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RE: Theropod Database Christmas update

(a month ago, before getting lost in my inbox) Tim Williams wrote-

BTW, what's the source/citation for putting _Yaverlandia_ in the Troodontidae?

Nothing published. Sullivan (2006) noted "Presently, Yaverlandia bitholus is being restudied by Darren Naish, who believes it to be a theropod, based on a number of characters seen in the holotype, including: (1) bilobed cerebral concavity; (2) narrow olfactory tract; (3) ventral concave orbital margins; (4) small, closely appressed olfactory bulbs, among other features (D. Naish, pers. communication, 2004)." I added it to my coelurosaur analysis (as the small olfactory lobes are a coelurosaurian character) and it came out next to Saurornithoides junior, largely because both taxa seem to have rugose postorbitals. But that's pretty weak evidence.

Also, I'm curious about whatever happened to "Tonouchisaurus", an undescribed taxon (nomen > nudum) that was said to be a primitive tyrannosaur. Is there a specimen number?

Still undescribed. No specimen number that I know. Barsbold did tell me it is now known to have three manual digits, so there goes the original reason for placing it in Tyrannosauroidea. Of course, we now know basal tyrannosauroids (Dilong, Guanlong, Tanycolagreus?) were tridactyl too.

Mickey Mortimer