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RE: More New-ish Papers...

Gareth J. Dyke, Robert L. Nudds, Michael J. Benton:
Modern avian radiation across the Cretaceous-Paleogene
boundary. The Auk 124(4):339–341, 2007

Analysis of the paleoenvironment of the C-P boundarsy
fossil record coupled with sea-level change
considerations suggests highest abundance of
neornithines 65 mya was in coastal habitat.

[Fits the general picture: "higher waterbird"
radiation starting somewhat off before "higher
landbirds", and "waterbirds" in general having had
higher (eco)morphological diversity around C-P. The
morphologically conservative Galliformes making up
much of the "landbird" diversity then, with
Passeriformes and their crown-group relatives being
barely distinct if at all]

Jeremy J. Kirchman, David W. Steadman: New Species of
Extinct Rails (Aves: Rallidae) from Archaeological
Sites in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia
Pacific Science Volume 61, Issue 1 (January 2007) pp.
145–163. DOI:

[Range extension and new cases of secondary
flightlessness in Gallirallus]


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