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Re: [...] Archaeopteryx 10

On 2/4/07, Jaime A. Headden <qilongia@yahoo.com> wrote:
  The nomenclature is a little tricky for the London specimen, but for the
Berlin specimen, it's a tad clearer. Dames (1897) named the species *siemensi*
as a species of *A.*, followed by Petronievics (in Petronievics and Woodward,
1917, in a footnote) who coined *Archaeornis* and designated *siemensi* the
type species. So indeed, when specifying only the species name, Dames is the
correct citation, and true also when citing the species name in combination
with the genus.

A quick note in addition--when assigned to _Archaeornis_, the species citation should have parentheses (since it's not the original combination):

* _Archaeopteryx siemensi_ Dames, 1897
* _Archaeornis siemensi_ (Dames, 1897)

Mike Keesey