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Re: Livezey and Zusi's big bird morph analysis [...]

--- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

> > FWIW, _Leptosoma_ is a genus of nematodes, and
> Leptosomatidae the
> > family it belongs to. I believe that there was an
> ICZN decision at
> > some point to sort out _Leptosomus_ vs.
> _Leptosoma_, but I don't know
> > the decision number.

According to Nomenclator Zoologicus:

Leptosoma, Aves: Bonaparte 1850, emendation of
Leptosomus Vieillot 1816. Preoccupied by:
Leptosoma, Crustacea: Desmarest 1823

Leptosoma, Trematoda: Stafford 1904
Leptosoma, Nemathelminthes: Travassos 1920
should both be preoccupied, if Desmarest's name is not



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