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Dinosaur Dig Opportunitiy for University Groups

I operate a small dinosaur dig in the Jurassic-age,
Morrison Formation, on a private ranch in the Big Horn
Basin, Wyoming. We have had success the past 7 years,
locating and excavating dinosaur bones (in
flood-deposited bone beds) as well as dinosaur
skeletons. In 2004, we (with the help of Kirby Siber
and his team) excavated a Stegosaurus armatus (90%
complete) that is prepared and now being molded and
Last summer we excavated a Camptosaurus (70+%
complete). This upcoming digging season, we will be
concentrating on a partial Camarasaurus and a
Diplodocus (20 foot section of articulated cervical
and dorsal vertebrae, some ribs and a scapula have so
far been encountered).
If there is a University group looking for an
opportunity to participate on a dig this summer, to
help excavate the specimens and work on the geology of
the area, you may contact me at my e-mail address. I
will have more information for interested parties.


Bob Simon
e-mail: dino_safaris@yahoo.com
Dinosaur Safaris Inc.

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