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Pterodactylus kochi

Dinosaur George writes:
 > Can anyone give me the proper pronunciation of the word "kochi"? I
 > have heard it pronounced two different ways.

Speaking of which, for someone who talks about _Brachiosaurus brancai_
a lot, I sure such as pronouncing it.  I've been saying either
"brank-eye" or "brank-ee-eye", but given that the name honours Branca,
I assume that something more like "branka-eye" would be correct?  Can
anyone help me out?

(And a plea to all of you who publish new names: PLEASE include a
suggested pronunciation in the systematic palaeontology.  Thanks to
Jerry for doing this with _Suuwassea_ -- one of the few dinosaur
names that there is no excuse for mispronouncing!)

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