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RE: Pterodactylus kochi

--- Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> schrieb:

> Dinosaur George writes:
>  > Can anyone give me the proper pronunciation of
> the word "kochi"? I
>  > have heard it pronounced two different ways.

I'd say ko[chi]-ee

> Speaking of which, for someone who talks about
> _Brachiosaurus brancai_
> a lot, I sure such as pronouncing it.  I've been
> saying either
> "brank-eye" or "brank-ee-eye", but given that the
> name honours Branca,
> I assume that something more like "branka-eye" would
> be correct?  Can
> anyone help me out?

brank*-a-ee should be close.
rhymes with "trunk" spoken w/a german accent

brank-eye would be an Americanized pronounciation of
branci or bracai

brank-ee-eye would be branciai

branka-eye would be an Americanized pronounciation of

Classical names are very hard to pronounce corrctly in
(Am.) English, because phonetically it's very


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