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RE: New Paper

Mike Taylor wrote:

I guess you're referring to this:

        Carpenter, K.  2006.  Biggest of the big: A critical
        re-evalustion of the mega-sauropod _Amphicoelias
        fragillimus_ Cope, 1878.  pp. 131-137 in J. Foster and
        S. G. Lucas (eds), Paleontology and Geology of the
        Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation.  New Mexico Museum
        of Natural History and Science Bulletin 36.

Nice paper, IMHO. It also includes the suggestion that _A. fragillimus_ may represent a distinct species (and even a distinct genus) from _A. altus_, the type species for _Amphicoelias_. The discovery of further _A. fragillimus_ material might be required before such a move took place, however.



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