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"Reply-to" setup on mailing lists (Was: Sauropod Size Comparison)

Andrew Simpson writes:
 > p.s. -- I'm on but two chat lists. On one list you
 > simply press reply and it goes to everyone on the
 > list. On this Paleo-list you have to reply to everyone
 > your email only goes to the one person. Not sure which
 > is better but I forget most of the time. Not really
 > important but I felt like getting that off my chest. 

Just to nip this in the bud before anyone starts advocating for the
reply-to-all-by-default behaviour: this is extremely comprehensively
discussed at:

A brief summary in the Mailman (mailing-list management) documentation
comments that:

        There are many reasons not to introduce or override
        the Reply-To: header.  One is that some posters depend
        on their own Reply-To: settings to convey their valid
        return address.  Another is that modifying Reply-To:
        makes it much more difficult to send private replies.

Another concern is that, especially on a list like this one,
accidentally sending to an individual when you meant to send to the
whole list is MUCH less damaging than the converse.  Everyone who's
ever had a "Man, how much does Naish's new paper suck?" email
published in a public forum will concur :-)

So please let's not change this.

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