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Re: Deltadromeus teeth

So, do you think the arguement goes like, its Morracan, its a raptor, therefore it must be D. agilis? I believe what is know about D. agilis is that its a big abelisaur. You don't need to be a paleontologist to know that a 25+ ft therapod doesn't have teeth the size of a dime. Have any smaller raptors been found in Kem-Kem that might explain all these little teeth?

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On 2/8/07, ackolbert@aol.com wrote:Â
It seems there are a lot of smaller Morrocan raptor teeth (< 1") outÂ
there identified as Deltadromeus agilis. There are also a small
of very large ones. Does anyone have a reference for the teeth of
species? The larger, rarer ones, which I am inclined to believe areÂ
actually associated with an animal 25 feet long, seem hard toÂ
distinguish from Carcharodontosaurus saharicus. Any hints?Â
Honestly, I don't know how anyone can refer teeth to Deltadromeus, letÂ
alone even comment on them. I don't have the paper on-hand, but I amÂ
100% sure there was no skull material preserved at all. ;)Â

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