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RE: Incredibly Lame PAUP* Question

[Copied to the DML in case this is helpful to anyone else.]

Michael Mortimer writes:
>> Having derived a majority-rule tree in PAUP* (PC command-line
>> version), how can I get it to tell me how the characters optimise
>> onto the tree (i.e. what are the synapomorphies at each node and
>> the autapomorphies for each OTU)?  Thanks to anyone who can help.
> describetree "1" apolist = yes
> Replace 1 with 2, 3, etc..  Whatever tree you want to see the
> characters for.

Thanks, Mickey.  At first I thought this was no use because it would
only give me apomorphies for the first of my many MPTs; but then I
realised I could save and re-load the majority-rule tree instead:

        contree all/outroot=paraphyl strict=no semistrict=no majrule=yes 
adams=no treefile=majrule.tre replace=yes;
        gettrees file=majrule.tre
        describetrees 1/apolist = yes

Which gives me exactly what I want.

Many thanks.

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