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Re: Viva Neornithine Birds!

David Marjanovic wrote-

If we don't count *Rahonavis*, the alvarezsaurs, and the almost undescribed *Yandangornis*, aren't *Patagopteryx* and *Vegavis* the only halfway complete bird skeletons from the Late Cretaceous? Is there a reasonably complete *Gobipteryx*?

Yes- the Nanantius valifanovi holotype. Other fairly complete Late Cretaceous birds are Baptornis, Hesperornis regalis, Apsaravis, "Gobipipus", Neuquenornis, Elsornis, some Ichthyornis specimens (YPM 1450, 1775) and Iaceornis. As complete as Vegavis at least. I believe Parahesperornis is too.

Mickey Mortimer