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Re: New Paper

Well, thanks to those who gave me the link. I just had a question about it. Is it really possible (stesses on possible), that A. fragillmus is a genera or specie of A. altus. Personally, I really doubt it, by looking at the most obvious factor.

SIZE. Most of my sources cite A. altus at a maximum of about 80 ft and a minimum of 65 feet, while the minimum I've seen anywhere for A. fragillmus is 130 ft (Paul's estimate), and a maximum of 205 ft. That's a difference of more than 200%, so I highly dobut that even the most abnormal species could grow so much larger than normal. I don't even need to mention weight, as A. altus is cited at about 11-12 tons, while using Diplococus' various weight estimates of 5.8-18.5 tons, Amphicoelias weighs about 46-148 tons, not to mention Mickey's estimate of 170 tons.

Although size is one of the less scientific ways of distinguishing the two species, I'd say it's one of the most obvious. Your thoughts are welcome.


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