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Yet Another Incredibly Lame PAUP* Question

I am also having difficulties with PAUP Version 4.0beta, PC version. What 
specific syntax should I use to obtain a constraint tree? I have tried the 
solution mentioned below, but it does not work for me.
Also, what is the proper syntax for ordering characters? I entered this,
CType Ord:21 [,Ord:22]; after the command reference, but to no avail.
Thanks very much for your help,
Andrew McDonald
University of Nebraska

Quoting Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com>:

> I can't believe that I can't see how to do this, but ...
> Having derived a majority-rule tree in PAUP* (PC command-line
> version), how can I get it to tell me how the characters optimise onto
> the tree (i.e. what are the synapomorphies at each node and the
> autapomorphies for each OTU)?  Thanks to anyone who can help.
> ... and thanks anyway to David Hone, who pointed me towards the
> solution to my previous problem and to Mickey Mortimer, who came right
> out and told me the answer.  I needed to tell PAUP* that my constraint
> tree was describing a backbone constraints rather than a monophyly
> constraint.
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