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Re: Yet Another Incredibly Lame PAUP* Question

I am also having difficulties with PAUP Version 4.0beta, PC version. What
specific syntax should I use to obtain a constraint tree? I have tried the
solution mentioned below, but it does not work for me.
Also, what is the proper syntax for ordering characters? I entered this,
CType Ord:21 [,Ord:22]; after the command reference, but to no avail.

Ah, no. You need to read the whole thing from start to finish. Everything you put in brackets is ignored (you can use that for comments, or for having several options in a file so you only need to move the brackets between the runs). So, if you want to order characters 21 and 22, that's probably

ctype ord 21 22;

...though I haven't checked.

(Case is also ignored, as is the amount of whitespace greater than zero.)