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Re: Bird behavior, vision

A photographer at Blackwater refuge in Maryland (Eastern Shore) captured a series of photographs of Ardea herodias capturing and swallowing a subadult muskrat somewhat larger (qualitatively) than the gopher. Rare as well, of course, but at least one other example of a similar predation event.


--Mike H.

On Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 02:37 PM, Tommy Tyrberg wrote:

At 07:35 2007-02-13, Donna Braginetz wrote:

Go here for a series of amazing photos of a heron capturing a gopher.
I'm not accustomed to seeing herons hunt rodents, much less rodents of
unusual size! Also, check out the way the prey has been speared .

I agree that a gopher is a rather large prey for a Ardea herodias. However it's very close european relative Ardea cinerea will happily eat just about anything it can kill and swallow. Mammalian prey includes mice, water-voles (which are largish, up to ca 200 mm), field-voles, water-shrews and even moles! They can be really serious predators on Little Grebes.

Tommy Tyrberg