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Journal article requests regarding condors and teratorns

Dear listers,

Does anyone have and be willing to email me any of the
following journal articles....

Campbell, K. Jr. 1976.  The late Pleistocene
avifauna of La Carolina, southwestern Ecuador. 
Smithson.  Contrib. Paleobiol. 27: 155-69

Campbell, K. Jr. 1979.  The non-passerine Pleistocene
avifauna of the Talara Tar Seeps, northwestern Peru. 
Royal Ontario Museum, Life Sciences Contribution

Campbell, K.E. 1980. A review of the Rancholabrean
avifauna of the Itchtucknee River, Florida. Museum of
Natural History of Los Angeles County, Contributions
to Science Series 36:395-412.

Campbell, K.E., and L. Marcus. 1992. The relationship
of hindlimb bone dimensions to body weight in birds.
Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History, Science
Series 36: 395-412.

Campbell, K.E., Jr., and E. Tonni. 1980. A new genus
of teratorn from the Huayquerian of Argentina (Aves:
Teratornithidae). Contributions in Science, Natural
History Museum Los Angeles County 330: 59-68.

Campbell, K.E. Jr., and E. Tonni. 1981?/1982?.
Preliminary observations on the paleobiology and
evolution of teratorns (Aves: Teratornithidae). J. of
Vert. Paleo 1: 265-272.

Emslie, S. D. 1985. The late Pleistocene avifauna of
Little Box Elder Cave, Wyoming. Contributions to
Geology, University of Wyoming, 23 (2): 63-82.

Emslie, S.D. 1990. Additional 14C dates on Fossil
California Condor. National Geographic Research

Emslie, S. D., J. Speth and R. Wiseman. 1992. Two
prehistoric puebloan avifaunas from the Pecos Valley,
southeastern New Mexico. Journal of Ethnobiology 12:

Emslie, S. D. and T. H. Heaton. 1987. The late
Pleistocene avifauna of Crystal Ball Cave, Utah.
Journal of the Arizona-Nevada Academy of Science 21:

Steadman, D.W., and N.G. Miller. 1986. California
Condor associated with spruce-jack pine woodland in
the late Pleistocene of New York. Quarternary Research

Thanks in advance,

Eric Weis, Condor Field Biologist
The Peregrine Fund

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