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RE: Controversial Paleontologist

For only $600 anyone can pick up a Doctor of Divinity degree online (at
least that is the cost on the first site I found.)  Then, with the
authority of the honorific Rev. before your name, you too can make
theological pronouncements about creationism and evolution.  Why
consider taking away someone's PhD when we can all be ministers?
TESTIFY, brothers and sisters!

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On 2/14/07, Nick Pharris <npharris@umich.edu> wrote:
> Now, if said person were to go out on the stump saying things like
> earth is flat.  I know; I've got a Ph.D. in geophysics," where what
> person was claiming fundamentally clashed with the nature of the work
> that earned the degree, then we would have a problem.

Could a PhD degree be retracted by the institution - say, for
incompetence or misuse of the title?


Roberto Takata