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Re: Albertaceratops (simpson's bi-annual b*tch about dino naming)

Jaime A. Headden wrote-

While the name in Ryan's doctoral thesis does provide a provoking, thoughtful
name is allusion to the hideous and bizarre appearance of the horns, and of the
snaky brow and frill horns, there is a justice to naming it for the Province

There have been many times, and I mean MANY times, where names originally
coined in a thesis or passed by word of mouth has been extolled over the
internet, which can and does influence the viability of that name to be
published. Thus, I think there is a slight justice in changing the name after
the thesis name had been spread around.

I don't see how this could have caused a name change. The only way to change the viability of a nomen nudum is to publish it officially. And if someone who was aware of the name "Medusaceratops" had published it prior to publication of Ryan's paper, the specimen would be named Medusaceratops whether Ryan renamed it Albertaceratops or not. Albertaceratops Ryan, 2007 would just be an objective junior synonym of Medusaceratops somejerk, 2006. Maybe Ryan didn't want to name it something people already knew, but I hardly see the point to that. To vaguely spite those people who thought they were privy to the final name before it was published? What kind of justice is that? That'll show those uppity thesis readers... uh.. yeah...

Mickey Mortimer