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New Indian Dinosaur?

Hi again Everybody,
After about a year without internet, I'm back!
It seems like I've been out of the loop for so long, I can't remember the last time I got up-to-date dinosaur facts thrown at me.
Anyway, about a month ago, I was told that there was a news blurb on CNN or some such channel about a "New Dinosaur discovered in India." Unfortunately, that's the breadth and width of the info I've received. Doing an internet search on New+Indian+Dinosaur nets you a bunch of pages...about *Rajasaurus* from 3 years ago.
Does anybody have a clue to the subject matter of the news blurb?
I hope this isn't another one of those deals where it's a new Dinosaur, and we are all commanded to stay. "Hush, Hush , Sweet Charlotte" on the subject.
Looking forward to any and all responces,
Tommy Bradley

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