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Re: Albertaceratops (simpson's bi-annual b*tch about dino naming)

David Marjanovic wrote:

than it is to be named after a woman

Nope, a man, some Prince Albert or other.

I'm pretty sure the Canadian province of Alberta was named after a woman: Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria.

*Albertosaurus* is expressedly named after the man after whom the province is named. Therefore the o.

Hmmm... I thought the 'o' was an arbitrary choice on the part of the author. The connecting 'a' was also dropped in _Montanoceratops_ (named after Montana). On the other hand, an 'a' was added to give _Leaellynasaura_ (named after Leaellyn).

We're not renaming anything because we can't (ICZN, www.iczn.org).

Yes, no matter how inappropriate a name is, it cannot be changed for that reason alone.



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