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Re: Albertaceratops (simpson's bi-annual b*tch about dino naming)

Quoting Andreas Johansson <andreasj@gmail.com>:

By the way, the -o- does not indicate masculinity in Latin. You'd
expect _Abertosaurus_ regardless of whether it was named for an Albert
or an Alberta. _Leaellynasaura_ might have been better named as
"Leaellynosaura", unless whatever language "Leaellyn" comes for
presents a reason for the -a- to be there.

True. In fact, "leaellynasaura" looks more like it should mean 'Lea Ellyn's NON-female-lizard'. Which, while unintentional, might not be such a bad thing.

Nick Pharris
Department of Linguistics
University of Michigan

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    --Edwin H. Land