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Re: Australian dino naming

Dann Pigdon wrote:

(1). Many fossils are too fragmentary and/or undiagnostic to be formally named. I think everyone would agree that putting names to the likes of *Rapator* and *Walgettosuchus* was a bad idea.

I'd agree that the incomplete caudal named _Walgettosuchus_ was undeserving of a name. Huene enjoyed giving names to indeterminate fossil vertebrae from around the world. However, since it turns out that the _Rapator_ "metacarpal" (BMNH R3178) probably represents the claw-bearing phalanx of an alvarezsaurid, I wonder if _Rapator_ may actually be diagnostic at the genus level.

On the other hand, _Timimus_ and _Serendipaceratops_ have been treated as nomina dubia by some authors. This harks back to the recent thread on the appropriateness of names, but without better material it is difficult to be too confident that _Timimus_ is actually an ornithomimosaur, or that _Serendipaceratops_ is a genuine ceratopsian. There's not a lot to go on.



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