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Re: Albertaceratops PDF...please...?

Alas, the pdf is too large to email to most people's inboxes. In answering the nose horn question, Albertoceratops has niether a broken nose horn nor a pachyrhinosaur-like boss. It has a long, low nasal horn, unlike any other (published) ceratopsian.

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Um, is it to late to get a copy of the *Albertaceratops* PDF?Â
I kinda wasn't around when it was being sent out...I think. It looks really interesting: a four-hourned Ceratopian.Â
And I have a question should anyone feel like answering it. After looking at the skull drawing, I'm curious, is the nose horn missing, or does it have a nasal boss like Pachyrhinosaurs?Â
Now I have to think-up a funny name for an essay, hopefully one that doesn't invlove the naughty implication of Horny.Â
Tommy BradleyÂ

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