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Re: Random Samples

> Barcoding works much better than I'd have thought,
> but still, it forces a 
> phenetic species concept upon everyone. Cases where
> such a concept does not 
> lead to the same results as other concepts have been
> published in Systematic 
> Biology, where much of the discussion on DNA
> barcoding has taken place over 
> the last year or two.

Not to forget Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
where there was a general discussion about molecular
taxonomy over the last year or two. I think I saw one
or two papers in Cladistics too.

Here's the paper BTW
Supplementary data:

What I find actually worse is the sample sizes and
lack of specimen data*. It's as if one left away
stratigraphy data in paleontology. Certainly, what the
paper does *not* do is establish new species. See also



* Especially regretful in the only decent n, Canada
Geese, which are a phylogeographic and taxonomic mess
even after the split from Cakling. Captive-bred birds
are generally of little use here, so it would have
been nice to know where the things came from.

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