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AKM Dinosaur Dig

Hello I am currently working with a travel agency to provide an
adventure travel opportunity that I thought some members of the list
may be interested in.

Below is a quote from their website located at: http://www.akmdinotravel.com/

"Forget touring dinosaurs this vacation join our published scientist
in the Montana badlands this summer and dig them!

You are here because like us you have an interest in the past. We do
to and though a partnership with local museum staff forged through the
bond that is scientific field work. AKM Travel Co. is able to offer
you the opportunity to explore some of the last deposits that the
dinosaurs left on earth. Like most travel companies we have that side
of the business that answers your phone calls for booking information
but unlike most of our competition we have a representative out on the
dig with you discovering as you discover. We at AKM Travel Co. pride
ourselves on this level of service."

This dig is ran according to the SVP Code of Ethics with the Garfield
County Museum being the final repository for all fossils.

Clay Garretson