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Riggs 1904 plates

Dear DMLers,

The only monograph to date on _Brachiosaurus altithorax_ is Riggs's
1904 paper:

        Riggs, Elmer S., 1904, Structure and relationships of
        opisthocoelian dinosaurs.  Part II, the Brachiosauridae: Field
        Columbian Museum, Geological Series 2, 6, pp. 229-247, plus
        plates LXXI-LXXV.

I have a copy of this -- two in fact -- but both are copies of copies
of copies, which means that while the text is perfectly clear, the
figures and plates are close to useless, the elements appearing as
black blobs.

If anyone has access to a high-quality copy that they could send me,
or better yet a high-quality scan of an original, then I would be more
grateful that it would be proper to express on a public mailing list

Please contact me off-list if you can help.  Many thanks.

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