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Re: Prehistoric Environments

If memory serves, they shot a lot of the scenery for WWD in Tasmania, where there are pteridophyte forests.

On 27/02/2007, at 12:52 PM, Denver Fowler wrote:

If you're looking on a global scale, I would suggest browsing the localities used for the various "walking with..." and "prehistoric park" shows by the BBC/Impossible pictures. Finding places without grass everywhere is pretty tough.


Fieldwork pictures NM 2002-4 & China 06:
http://www.wald.heim.at/urwald/540645/JH-Projekte/China_04-2006/ chinaset.htm



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Subject: Prehistoric Environments

Are there any examples of modern locations that are a good representation of
prehistoric environments? We are looking to shoot some plate shots and hope
to find some locations that would look similar to the Late Jurassic, Late
Cretaceous, Oligocene and Pleistocene of North America.

Any suggestions?



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