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Re: Translating Janensch 1950

being written in an obsolete dialect of High German.

Just in case anyone else took that seriously: It's not a dialect, it's what was considered good scientific style in 1950 (...and to a large extent still is). Nobody has that as a mother tongue. "High German", unlike "High Vulcan", is a geographical term (the dialects spoken where the landscape is not flat as a plate, means, south of the North German Plain), and written German is mostly based on some central High German dialects; the unwritten dialect I speak in normal situations is thus higher than what I write.

That said, I don't know Janensch's style. If it is like Hennig's style, _it might as well be_ some obscure extinct dialect... I'll start with the observation that short sentences are not considered good style in German, at least not explicitely. There is a chance that I will find the English translation easier to read than the original, as I am told many native German speakers feel about Hennig.