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Re: Translating Janensch 1950

What the Polyglot Paleontologist people say?


Roberto Takata

On 2/27/07, Mike Taylor <mike@indexdata.com> wrote:
Dear DML,

I can't be the only Anglophone sauropod lover who's frustrated that
Werner Janensch's great series of monographs on _Brachiosaurus
brancai_ are so difficult to work with, being written in an obsolete
dialect of High German.  Most painful to me is the problem of
understanding the description of the vertebral column:

        Janensch, W. (1950). Die Wirbelsaule von _Brachiosaurus
        brancai_. Palaeontographica (Suppl. 7) 3: 27-93.

For the last few years I've been trying on and off to get funding to
have this translated, but without success.  So since it's so important
to my own work, I've gone ahead and commissioned a translation anyway.

The work will be done by Gerhard Maier, author _African Dinosaurs
Unearthed_, by some distance the best book on the series of Tendaguru
expeditions that yielded _B. brancai_ and other important fossils.
Gerhard is English/German bilingual, familiar with the old High German
dialect favoured by Janensch, scientifically literate, and fascinated
by the Tendaguru specimens, so he's outstandingly qualified to do the
translation.  Not only that, but he's doing it an a very good rate --
$10 Canadian per page -- because of his own interest.  He's previously
translated portions of Janensch 1914 for me, with excellent results,
so I am confident that the outcome will be good.

Since Janensch 1950 is 67 pages long, the cost is going to be $670
Canadian, which is about £295 in real money or about $580 in funny
American money.  I would very much appreciate any donations that any
of you sauropod lovers would like to make against my costs.  Please
email me OFF LIST if you are willing to contribute, stating the amount
of your contribution and whether you would like to be acknowledged for
your financial contribution in the translated PDF that goes up at
Polyglot Paleontologist.

Just to be clear: the translation will be freely available to
everyone, irrespective of whether or not they contributed.  It's

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