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RE: The Book That Escaped

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> Rob Taylor
> So is anyone in possession of this book (Amniote Paleobiology)?

I have the library's copy.

> I've never
> seen Regina Munter's Master's thesis (1999), but I think it was to have
> included descriptions of a braincase and pelvis of a new coelophysoid from
> the La Boca Formation. (Pretty sure this must be Chapter 3 in part 1 of this
> book). Curious to know if the new critter received a name.

Nope, it did not. An anatomical desription, and a test of its phylogenetic 
position in the Carrano et al. 2002 and Rauhut 2003
matricies: in the former, the sister taxon to _Coelophysis_+_Megapnosaurus_, in 
the latter a trichotomy with those two.

Much coolness in this festschrift to Jim Hopson.

The dinosaurian chapters are:
3. Theropod Dinosaurs from the Early Jurassic of Huizachal Canyon, Mexico by 
R.C. Munter and J.M. Clark.

7. The Origins of High Browsing and the Effects of Phylogeny and Scaling on 
Neck Length in Sauropodomorphs by J.M. Parrish

8. Body-Size Evolution in the Dinosauria by M.T. Carrano

P.S.: from Jerry Harris' sig file:

> > "Trying to estimate the divergence times
> > of fungal, algal or prokaryotic groups on
> > the basis of a partial reptilian fossil and
> > protein sequences from mice and humans
> > is like trying to decipher Demotic Egyptian with
> > the help of an odometer and the Oxford
> > English Dictionary."
> >               -- D. Graur & W. Martin (_Trends
> >                   in Genetics_ 20[2], 2004)
This is hilariously funny!! I am SO stealing this for classes...

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