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T-rex and stress fractures

Wow, it?s nice to be back after almost a year. I haven?t had a computer for a while, so everybody will have to forgive me for being a little behind.

I know this is old news, but I was reading an article about Bruce M. Rothschild?s work in Discover magazine a while back and I just wanted to know if this was accurate.

?Rothschild is providing the old school with new evidence. In the late 1990s he showed that T. rex and other theropods had rib-cage fractures consistent with having made "a belly flop onto hard ground while running." His own recent review of T. rex's tiny forelimbs reveals a pattern of resistance fractures suggesting battles with living prey. Suddenly the shuffling vulture is looking more like his bad old self, although even newer evidence may change the picture yet again.?

Now I remember reading elsewhere that he found fractures in Allosaurus rib bones, but I didn?t know he also found them in Tyrannosaur ribs as well. Is this article accurate, or did Discover get their information mixed up?

link -http://discover.com/issues/sep-06/features/csijurassic/?page=2

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