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New on-line paleo journal

A new free on-line paleo journal been launched: 

The target audience is for the advanced amateur paleontologist.
Manuscripts are reviewed, with a remarkably 2 week turn around time -
far faster than most professional journals that I have worked with.
There are a few bugs that still need to worked out, but the journal is
ready to receive manuscripts. The guidelines are rather strict, almost
Draconian, but these are to counter criticisms of the professional paleo
community (which will undoubtedly happen anyway). 

I have two semi-popular articles, one under Contributions and another
under Trade. 


Kenneth Carpenter, Ph.D.
Curator of Lower Vertebrate Paleontology/
Chief Preparator
Department of Earth Sciences
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80205
Phone: 303-370-6392
Fax: 303-331-6492

for PDFs of some of my publications, as well as information of the Cedar
Mountain Project: