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Re: Carnivore Energetics: Why Are Lions Not As Big As Elephants? .. and why aren't antelopes?

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:10:23 +0100

On 1/21/07, Anthony Docimo <keenir@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 17:04:49 +0100 > >On 1/20/07, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote: >> > this is a protection advantage not needed by mammals (who can >> > simply run away with baby inside). >> >>"Simply"? > >Well, it's easier than running away with a nest ...

aren't pregnant females slower than non-pregnant females?

I imagine they are, but they're still more mobile than nests.

I harbor doubts that mobility is that important.....if it were, all birds would be extinct.

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