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Dinosaurs 3D: Giants of Patagonia

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted you all to know I have uploaded our latest TV commercials onto
The film will be released on March 1st and my team are all very excited!
Thanks so much for everyone on this mailing list's support and remember to
get in touch with me for information of a "theater near you"!
Pr. Coria will also be visiting some theaters as part of our promotion for
the film... as will Donald Sutherland, who really tells the story of Pr.
Coria's discoveries very well.
Oh yeah and don't forget to visit the official movie web-site for the
trailer... obviously the quality of all these videos is much better in 15/70
Enjoy and again; thanks for all your support!



Jaye Macumber (Mr)
International Sales Manager
Starlight Enterprises International Ltd.
A Distribution Company for Sky High Entertainment Films