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Re: Thou Shalt Not Climb!

It still looks as if we are using the derived state as evidence... very akin to saying, "Whales never used their back legs in aqueous locomotion, since as we all know, whales today use flukes."

So, what I'm wondering, is how did selection take place for pre-perching birds that were landing in trees with zero adaptations for such?

What evidence is there for arboreal lifestyles developing AFTER flight (outside of personal opinion)?


-----Original Message----- From: David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> To: DML <dinosaur@usc.edu> Sent: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 2:39 pm Subject: Re: Thou Shalt Not Climb!

As we often see, what I'm asking receives no response...Â
Some questions are just too tough :-)Â
I'm honestly asking for any input anyone has on how/why selectionÂ
selected for an arboreal lifestyle if the animals were not originallyÂ
arboreal. There has to be some idea(s) out there...Â
I currently think that arboreality came after flight. If I'm right, reasons for becoming arboreal are easy to imagine: flight opens a whole new world poor in predators but at least as rich in food as the forest floor -- even if the animals in question suck at climbing.Â
That's why most arboreal birds today don't climb: flying has even more advantages for a small arboreal animal. Â

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