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Re: Thou Shalt Not Climb!

Jaime Headden wrote:

I think a good deal of dinosaurs were capable of climbing, at least in the 50
kg range or so and less, but some seem better suited for sticking in there a
while, including having a flexible knee. The pubis being reversed allows the
leg to curl tighter and the animal to crouch down lower, as it reduces the
depth of the trunk.

In order to get from the propubic to the opisthopubic condition, the pubic shaft had to swing through the "no-man's-land" of mesopuby. Many bird-like maniraptorans and some basal birds have a mesopubic pelvis, such as _Archaeopteryx_, unenlagiines (including _Rahonavis_), scansoriopterygids, and jeholornithids. A mesopubic pelvis would seem to be the worst possible configuration for a climber, given that the pubic shaft is directed vertically (or subvertically).



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