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Re: another dumb question: Terror Birds are not dinosaurs?

> > What you say there is not completely true; while
> you are right that 
> > Aenigmavis, which was postulated to be a basal
> phorusrhacid is no longer 
> > regarded as such but rather as a sophiornithid,
> that is a basal 
> > strigiform,

For the record, the more recent (last 2 years or so)
pubs seem to put it in Ameghinornithidae (or
Strigogypidae), as ?cariamids. Haven't read Mayr's
synonymization paper though - only the abstract -,
which seems important:
"Old World phorusrhacids" (Aves, Phorusrhacidae): a
new look at Strigogyps ("Aenigmavis") sapea (Peters
1987). PaleoBios 25(1): 11-16 (2005)

Important because it seems the source of the
confusion: I get the impression that Mayr moved
Aenigmavis into Strigogyps, but also Strigogyps into
the clade containing former Aenigmavis (which would be
Ameghinornithidae according to the Alvarenga/Höfling

Does anyone have a digital copy?



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