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The Theropod Database is back online for good

Hi everyone. Graduating from the University of Washington cancelled my online publishing service, so my website was on hiatus for a while. But now it's back, with the perminant URL http://home.myuw.net/eoraptor/Home.html . So change your links.

The updates are quite extensive. Information from Nesbitt et al. (2007) has been incorporated, which mostly affected coelophysoids, kicking "Cinizasaurus" out of Theropoda, and adding "Comanchesaurus" and "Revueltoraptor". Lophostropheus was added, while Coelophysis and Zupaysaurus received updates. In Ceratosauria, "Bayosaurus" and Vitakridrinda were added, while abelisaurid phylogeny was changed and Majungasaurus information expanded thanks to the new monograph on that taxon. The Coelophysoidea and Ceratosauria sections have also been revised with the new locality-specific format. Microvenator? "chagyabi" was added as well, since I added M. celer. In Coelurosauria, the newly described Sinocalliopteryx and Aniksosaurus were added. Therizinosauroidea was updated and importantly, Oviraptorosauria is now complete! The latter includes extensive information on several taxa. Urbacodon and several unnamed troodontids were added. In fact, a lot of Middle Asian maniraptoriform info was added to the site. Shanag was added to Microraptoria. Some basic information was added on confuciusornithids, but their entries are in progress. Also important is that Enantiornithes is complete! At least as far as named taxa go. This included a complete reworking of "Gobipipus", which had to be moved from Aves.

So go check it out, especially http://home.myuw.net/eoraptor/Oviraptorosauria.htm and http://home.myuw.net/eoraptor/Ornithothoraces.htm .

Only basal coelurosaurs, ornithomimosaurs, alvarezsaurids, dromaeosaurids, troodontids, non-ornithothoracine birds, and ornithuromorphs to go!

Mickey Mortimer