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New Book: Jurassic West


ReBecca "DinoChick" Hunt asked me to forward the following. Apologies for the 
double postings some will receive:

FYI- John Foster's new book "Jurassic West" just came out yesterday. I
have not had a chance to read it yet, but have flipped though all of
the pages and it looks really cool! Just wanted to send a note to
everyone who may be interested.

Amazon has it on sale for $32.97:

"The famous bone beds of the Morrison Formation, whose rocks are
exposed from Wyoming down through the red rock region of the American
Southwest, have yielded one of the most complete pictures of any
ancient vertebrate ecosystem in the world. After more than a century
of exploration, the Morrison continues to yield new discoveries about
a time so different from our own that it almost seems imaginary. Aimed
at the general reader, Jurassic West tells the story of the life of
this ancient world as scientists have so far been able to reconstruct
it. The book recounts the discovery of many important Late Jurassic
dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus, Allosaurus, and Stegosaurus. But
dinosaurs comprise barely a third of the more than 90 types of
vertebrates known from the Formation, which include crocodiles and
turtles, frogs and salamanders, dinosaurs and mammals, clams and
snails, and ginkgoes, ferns, and conifers."

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