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Re: More on Argentavis

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com>

> Evelyn Sobielski wrote:
> >Gastornithids are Neognathae incertae sedis; not
> >higher landbirds (but more due to dating than to
> >anything else), but that's all that can be agreed
> upon
> >now I think. (Anyone know of any good post-2000
> refs?)
> Livezey and Zusi (2007) put gastornithids
> (_Diatryma_ &c) in the 
> Galloanseres.  In his recent JVP paper on the
> Walbeck birds, Mayr (2007) 
> assigned gastornithids to the "Anserimorphae".

He does it out of habit I think. Does anyone have
Andors' 1992 paper (LACM Scence Series 36: 109-125)?
It seems to have been accepted as is, with very little
later discussion.

L&Z's support - especially the lack of convergent
anatomy LBA'ing with other giant groundbirds - is


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