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Re: The Return of The Thagomizer... :-)

OOPS, I actually sent the first version of this message to Dave instead of the list...sorry.

Is there a way to predict UV radiation levels in Mesozoic times? Perhaps the Mesozoic was so hot because Earth received more solar radiation, which would have led to the absorbing of more thermal energy AND UV rays.

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Subject: Re: The Return of The Thagomizer... :-)
Date: Sat, 07 Jul 2007 12:06:16 +0200

BTW, if (in an alternate timeline) humans did indeed evolve with dinosaurs, would they really be as white as Raquel Welch, Fred Flintstone, or the class in that cartoon? I would expect people living in a climate like that enjoyed by most large dinosaurs to be black- or brown-skinned.

That depends on the UV irradiation (in other words the latitude, roughly), not on the heat.

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